Sunday, 16 March 2008

William Hunt

I love my dad. I really do. I can't express how much I love him.
Some years ago, dad and I drove in his camper van up to Northumberland. Just the two of us for a long weekend. We had little idea of where we'd end up, apart from a list of Caravan Club parking sites he'd looked up.
We pootled along at about 45mph, both of us peering at whatever took our fancy. We stopped here and there, followed road signs which looked inviting, or tracks which looked intriguing. I'll never forget that weekend. I took a photo one evening while dad was writing in his diary, which he'd give to mum to read when he got back. The photo is on my bookcase at home. Yesterday afternoon I had the urge to draw, so I looked round to see what struck me, grabbed my charcoal, and took my time on this.
I love my dad. I really do.


indigo said...

Yellow,this is a lovely drawing, full of character and feeling. I regularly read your blogg. The 'award' is well deserved.

Yellow said...

Thanks Indigo. It turned out better than I could have dreamed. This afternoon I may go get a frame for it. I give a lot of my drawings and paintings to my family and friends, so I have little in my own home. But I'm keeping this one.

Melanie Rimmer said...

OK, you keep it then, but could I please have a photocopy?

Chris Bolmeier said...

What an beautifully rendered drawing.
You draw like a master, but you dance like you're 18. Ah..the mystery of life!!

Dave said...

Your post was short but very touching. It is amazing how much one can express in just a few sentences. I have, on occasion, written posts on my father and like me, I have no doubt you mean every word you say. Your words were good to read.

Take care! :-)

Yellow said...

Mel, yeah, I'll print you a copy & get a frame for you, of course.
Chris, gosh. I'm flabbergasted. Thanks.
Dave, nice to meet you. I like your upbeat site so you're on my 'morning' list of sites I now check out while eating breakfast.

Bill of Ballaugh said...

Remember lying on our backs in the field, in the dark, blown away by the stars? Remember the pot we bought at the farm, and leaving the money in the honesty box? It's still sitting on a bookcase here in Ballaugh.Love the drawing. Love you too.

ilex said...

Gorgeous composition. Love the way you split the left and right into light and dark panes.
Your pop's a handsome fellow, too!

Yellow said...

Dad, yup, I remember those things from that trip. And do you remember the stonemason we met in the pub who told us how he'd cheated when making his son's wedding present, the sundial? Do you remember who the stones on the path were reflecting the moonlight?
Ilex, you and my dad really aught to get a room together. I'd be happy to introduce you if you like?

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Beautiful portrait.

Yellow said...

Thanks Andrea.

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