Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Clock #3, put to bed

I much prefer the canvas this way round. Portrait ways up rather than landscape.
I spent about 5 minutes just looking at it, then I drew in some verticals, and added some lines to a vanishing point in what I think of as the middle of the clock face. Then I added some yellow and grey oil pastels, and drew the numbers in more detail.

I think it doesn't work because I have no idea what I feel about it, what I'm trying to portray here. There's no message or clear emotion coming from me. So I'm going to set it aside for the time being, and leave it until I think of something that could give it purpose.


Kim said...

I have just found your blog through Julianne Richards (The Colorspeaker). I really like your work a lot. This clock is great.

You are really wonderful about sharing your process...that is refreshing to see.

I just returned with my family last year from living in the UK for two years...I miss it terribly. We lived in the New Forest in Hampshire.

I will be back to visit you more.

Yellow said...

Thanks Kim. I've heard that the New Forest is a magical place and I'd love to visit it some day.

Melanie Rimmer said...

I agree this painting isn't working yet. I liked your first study of a clock much better. But I was amazed at how your self portrait transformed from "really not working" to "really amazing" once inspiration struck you. Keep the clock in the corner of your studio. One day you'll know what to do with it and it will become amazing, I'm sure.

Yellow said...

That's just it Mel.

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