Monday, 10 March 2008

Batten down the hatches

There's a big storm hitting the UK today. The worst areas affected will be the south-west, and as I'm in the north-east I'm getting off lightly. But there's a driving rain, and the noise of the wind as it batters our house which overlooks the river Wear and the North Sea is frightening at times. I was first woken by it in the wee small hours. And hubby is driving in a high-sided van down to London today. I just hope it's still upright. Goodness knows how those in the south-west are faring?

Anyway, I made a start on a garden drawing yesterday, using charcoal. There's a thorny tree in the garden which has been pruned hard over the years so that all the leaves are above head height. The split trunk is contorted and makes a great set of lines against the cream-painted brick wall. I pressed and twisted the charcoal stick as I drew. I know it's a subject I'm going to draw time and time again. I have an idea for a canvas with a matt, chalky background with the tree cutting across, and maybe just a hint of the green diffused light on the wall cast by the canopy.


laureline said...

I hope the weather there isn't too severe! I'm so pleased you like the accordion sketchbook idea, too. They're a great way to tell a story in words and pictures, or by images alone. I sympathize with your difficulty finding time to paint, what with your children and job and other competing duties! There's a website I mentioned today on my blog that might appeal to you, as an artist parent of young children. See what you think!
Best of luck with everything!
PS You and I also share a love for gardens!

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

How funny - I've literally just come from Laurelines where I noticed the accordian sketchbooks as well! May give it a try. I've been doing some really fast outdoor sketching recently, as opportunity is limited. Good to see all your posts - will come back for a re-read.

debra said...

Good luck waiting out the storm. Here in NE Ohio, USA, we had an amazing ice and snow storm with 22 inches of snow Friday and Saturday.
Good to have found your site.

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