Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Nine Block Pyracantha

Here it is. I want to sharpen up the edges of the blocks so I'll paint over the boarders again later with the white gesso. I've painted these from my first charcoal sketches, and I want to make more drawings from life in charcoal, paying attention to the shapes the branches make as they change direction or have been chopped short.

My first drawings remind me of a child's drawings. I made a lot of assumptions.

Now it's like I've had my eyeballs washed clean and can see how they really look.

But, faulty as it is, I'm glad I've gotten this study out of my system. I feel like I can move on, without having skipped over a step.


drb said...

nice study -- and it is amazing how hard it is to actually see what we're looking at.

Yellow said...

You're right. When I painted this I worked upside down, so prevent me painting practiced strokes, and force me to work from the charcoal lines I'd out down.

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