Monday, 10 March 2008

Tree Lines #1 to #4

tree lines 1
tree lines 2

tree lines 3

tree lines 4

After drawing the tree in my garden I sat at work all day distracted by the way the tree cut across the plain canvas of the painted wall behind. So, this evening, in the dark, I took a series of flash photos of the tree from different angles, and made charcoal studies from these on 6" squares of watercolour paper. Here are the first four. I don't know what they'll end up being used for but I had great fun doing them.


ilex said...

Miss yellow, those little drawings are simply lovely.

Chris Bolmeier said...

Nice drawings and explanation of your process. Interesting copy, I enjoyed checking out your blog.
Especially when you said "out of chaos comes chaos". I'm probably paraphrasing, but it reminds me of my studio. I clean it up and it always ends up a bit unorganized so I clean it up again.
Be well

Gesa said...

This is a great idea. I like the way how realist objects end up abstracted through various means... very good idea, I'm still working around (if somewhat less focused) on my tree project... will keep this one in mind - though there's no tree outside any of my windows...

Yellow said...

Gesa, I looked back through your blog and found the sketches of trees you did in Jan 08. My mind is a blank when it comes to adjectives today, so enough to say I liked them.

Yellow said...

Chris, thanks for the comment. I've been watching your blog for the last few months. I must take the time to read back further.

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