Thursday, 20 March 2008

Keep your mind on the driving......

Beech Trees at Doxford
But it's so hard. If I'm in the car with the kids it's actually easier, because I'm making an effort to ignore their antics and drive carefully. But when I'm on my own, especially on the drive to and from work, it's easy for my mind to wander. This is one of the sights I pass on the way into my work each day (in fact this would be the view in my rear-view window on the drive home, as I took this photo on a late December afternoon, but you get the idea, yes?).

This time of year, when driving on a morning I'm heading west with the sun low in the sky behind me. This can cast a gleaming pale yellow light onto the buildings I pass. And if there's a stormy sky in the west, blowing down from the Scottish Boarders, then the gilded houses are set against a dark grey-blue sky. That's when I say a prayer of thanks to God, and start singing 'Then Sings My Soul, or suchlike.

But it's also when I am known to start swearing too. You see, hubby got me a compact digital camera for Christmas, and I have cursed often for not bringing it with me when I see such a glorious sight. When we went to Vienna last year I only took out my other camera once on the whole trip, as it's a digital SLR, and it's very bulky. That's why he thoughtfully bought me a teeny tiny one, for my arty stuff.
So, at last, I've found how to re-charge the battery for it, and how to download from it, and now it's residing in my bag.

So if you're driving behind me on the way into work, and you are familiar with seeing me swerving as I catch sight of a bird, or a nice view, please now keep your distance even more, as I might just slam on the breaks and leap out with my camera in hand. You have been warned.


ammmmzzzy said...

hahah so true, even when im in the car you slide off into the curb lmao

Kim said...

What a beautiful view you have on your drive! We lived in the New Forest for two years and the views while driving never ceased to amaze me! Here in the Washington, DC area, driving is like sport driving in a parking lot!

What a thoughtful gift from your husband...I am glad to be the recipient of his generosity! Keep taking those photos!

Yellow said...

I don't have much time to record this lovely light as the days are getting longer, dawn is getting earlier and we'll 'spring forward' an hour in a week's time. Aren't there a lot of lovely old parks round the Washington DC area?

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