Sunday, 9 March 2008

Getting organised to draw more

I don't have time to sit, without distraction, and draw during the daytime most days. My hubby sometimes arranges to have the kids to give me some 'art time', but, as we both work, when we have the chance we'd rather spend time with the kids together. He's working all hours at the moment, and yesterday I made him a pecan pie as a treat to keep his spirits high. The kids didn't like it much, but that just meant all the more for us.

I've been thinking about what I can and what I can't do when I'm with the kids. What I can do is take them to interesting places. I can't expect them to amuse themselves while I sit down in an interesting place for a 40 minute sketching session. But I can take photographs of views and objects, then draw them on an evening while the kids are in bed.

So, this morning, I made up three accordion sketchbooks, an idea I got from Laurelines' travels, then spent 15 minutes in the garden taking photos of the views. The accordion sketchbooks seem like a fantastic way to collect together views and images on a theme.
I love my garden. It's a peaceful space, even though it's the size of a postage stamp with walls on all sides. I have a number of bird feeders, and even in winter I'll stand at the back door watching the activity of the goldfinches and blackbirds, and the changing sky overhead against the terraced rooftops beyond. Because it's so small, I can only ever see a narrow area at a time depending on where I stand or sit. Because of this, I've arranged it so that every corner and wall is a landscape in itself, with areas of interest, as well as space to let your eye wander so that I don't feel too enclosed.
The photos I've taken will provide me with plenty of starting points for drawings and studies.


Lisa said...

Your garden is beautiful! Sometimes I think the postage stamp sized gardens are the most magical. I could sit in that garden and read for hours, I'm sure.

Do the kids like to draw?

Yellow said...

My daughter loves to paint, and we've got her an easel and brushes for her birthday later this week. My son likes to sketch when we're out together, but he's a huge reader and has started writing his own stories. Lisa, watch out, there's a 7 year old lad out there you may want to keep an eye out for. LOL

Lisa said...

I'm clapping and smiling!

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