Monday, 31 March 2008

Hard Pruned

corner of Nursery Lane, Silksworth
corner of Nursery Lane, Silksworth
As I drive around Sunderland I see lots of trees in front gardens which have been cut back within an inch of their lives.


Mam said...

And mine definitely isn't one of them!! I like my postage stamp wilderness, thanks very much. Hazel xx

Yellow said...

You do have some great blackberry brambles interweaving across your back wall though, and the willow is asking to be drawn too, mam.
Your painted bird tables are very photogenic as well. And your garden is the size of a recorded delivery, international, extra postage because I don't have time to weigh it, large seasonal, enough to fill a philatelic's double spread sized stamp. Mine's a penny black size stamp of a garden.

Ed Terpening said...

The first one is beautiful, I feel the movement and the organic nature of it. Nice.

Yellow said...

Thanks Ed, praise from you is praise indeed. Fopr anyone who's not checked out Ted's site, I highly recommend it.

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