Thursday, 27 March 2008

More Trees

beech tree at Doxford
cherry tree? in Fulwell

beech at Doxford (left) cherry in Fulwell (right) cherry with early blossom in Fulwell

Every spare minute when I'm out and about I've been looking at trees. And drawing trees. Here are some.


ilex said...

Your trees are just beautiful. I'd go so far as to say exuberant.

Yellow said...

Exuberant. Gosh, thanks. The beech trees are what get me really excited.

Kim said...

Hey! These are great trees! I love them...I also have quite a draw to trees...

You are really inspiring me here! Thanks so much!

Have a Lovely Weekend!

Bill of Ballaugh said...

Tried to comment last night during a howling gale. The wind was roaring through the trees at the top of the haggard, the rain was thundering on the barn roofs and lashing against the windows, and I called up your blog with these trees. For some reason the skin crawled on the back of my neck. I thought about it and knew it was a reaction to both the weather and your drawings. I'm not sure what it is I'm saying but I was certainly moved. Now let's see if I can publish this comment tonight!

Yellow said...

Thanks for the great feedback Kim and Dad. There's more trees to come.

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