Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Tree Lines #9 to #12

tree lines 9
tree lines 10
tree lines 11
tree lines 12

And here are the last four.
Next, I want to paint the white shapes onto a black background. Thick white paste-like paint, leaving black grooves.
When I drove home from work yesterday I noticed a number of trees in peoples front gardens which had been pruned back hard, resulting in the most uncomfortable shapes. Especially as it's not quite spring here yet so they are still bare of leaves.
Today the wind is up again, and I walked into the kitchen this morning to find two collared doves taking shelter on my bird table. There are a lot of plants on my windowsill so I was able to get most of the way through making coffee without disturbing them. Until I reached up for the sugar, when then took fright and left.

1 comment:

drb said...

Good phrase --- uncomfortable shapes. Those pruned trees definitely have that.

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