Monday, 17 March 2008

My tree

Garden tree in acrylic March 08
It's really starting to bug me, what kind of tree this is. If I remember rightly it's technically a shrub which was planted by the previous owners, and grew tall as there's little light at ground level.
This is an oil board, about A4, which I covered with a thin layer black and red acrylic. When it was dry I squeezed out a load of white acrylic, and smeared it around with a plastic palette knife, then started scraping back to the black to describe the trunk and branches. After a while I added some green, and then some red as a contrast, and mixed all three to make a pale grey/lilac to suggest the floor and the wooden planter.
I hate it as a painting, but I loved it as an exercise. I should really do some more of these to see where they lead.


Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Like the textural quality of this. It sounds like the blocks you mentioned in a previous post are part of the old WW2 coastal defence (tank traps) - big square blocks of concrete on a (buried) plinth? Excellent drawing of your dad btw.

Bill of Ballaugh said...

I like this too. It has an immediacy to it, a vibrant, living quality

Gesa said...

Good sentiment, the hate painting, love process... I know that feeling :)
Did you get the email I sent earlier in the week - if not, have a look in your spam folder, Steph... Have a good weekend!

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