Saturday, 8 March 2008

Rip it up and start again

Well, that was the idea I got from reading An Artist's Journal yesterday, and the next step will be something to do with scruffy train stations, hence the blue and orange I used which reminds me of the Merseyrail Waterloo platform. That was a place in which I spent many hours whilst I lived in Liverpool. I feel I must add that I was there waiting for trains to various destinations.
So, I covered a canvas with burnt sienna, ultramarine blue and a reddish orange, and worked it in with a 50/50 mix of water and PVA glue. When I was happy with this (happy being a moveable feast, you understand) I ripped up the pastel and ink drawing of the yellow clock and glued it on. I was surprised about how strongly I felt when I was arranging the pieces. However, there's a piece on the left which curls and leads the eye out of the left of the canvas, so I'm going to need to bring the eye back on, or create an barrier on the left. I may in fact turn it round 90 degrees clockwise, putting the clock at the top instead of on the left and see how that works.
I'm interested to see how the glue dries with the acrylics. I've never mixed these before, but it felt like the right thing to do at the time. You'll notice I'm still avoiding working on, or even talking about the big self portrait I started.


amy said...

hey, i dont get why your drawing a scruffy clock and gluing it on etc, whats stopped you from continuing your self portrait? its coming along great, sack that and get stuck into to it, i wish i new how to use oils, never used them its always been acrylics, eee ha d a bizare night tonight have to fill u in invovled firemen at daves lmao
luv ya xxx

Yellow said...

Mmmm. That self-portrait. I will work on it when my head is in the right place. But I'd rather be doing bits and bobs of other stuff at the moment while time allows. I don't have time currently to fully immerse myself in that project.

Martha Marshall said...

Hey Yellow, thanks for joining into the conversation on my blog, and for linking to it as well! It's great to meet you and read your blog. Lots of good inspiration here.

amy said...

i kind of get wherre your at but dont be scared to get stuck in, i dont mind sittign for u if u want to drsaw me in clothes that is lol give me a shout

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