Wednesday, 30 May 2007


As I've been 'tagged' I need to reveal 10 things about myself you didn't previously know. And, as it's an ART blog, I think every other one will be something 'arty'

1. I have a bear called Yellow Ted which I've had since I was born. And I still cuddle him when I need to.

2. I once went to Cardiff National Museum to see Renoir's 'La Parisienee' whilst doing a school project, only to find it had been removed for a tour.

3. I can sing Pink Floyd's The Wall word perfect, and if really drunk, I can beat them to the finish.

4. I have purchased a Seriograph of Michalopoulos' "Jeune Flyer" as my 10 year service award for the company I work for.
5. I have hairy big toes, like a Hobbit.
6. I can't draw from my imagination, I always draw from life, photos, etc.....
7. I HATE werewolves, they scare me silly, and have done for as long as I remember.
8. It was my dad who started me off drawing. I remember the time we sat on a hill, and he had a spiral bound a5 sketch book. I still have that sketch. I asked if I could have a go, and he let me. I loved what I'd drawn, and was hooked from then on. i must have been about 11 years old or so. Thanks dad.
9. I'm worried that I'm not a feminist - I agree fiercely with equal opportunities, but on the other hand I like looking nice, and being complimented, and I like strong men. And I recently read The Female Eunuch and disagreed with most of it. Don't tell anyone will you.
10. I'd hate to be a famous painter, I think. But I would love for my work to be 'art' and to contribute something to 21st century art. You never know.


Lisa said...

If you still have something from when you were a baby and you have your first sketch, that tells a lot about you. I imagine you with boxes full of treasures and mementos from all the important times in your life. That's a nice image. I too am afflicted with hairy big toes so I have to thank you for the term "hobbit feet" -- it will come in handy this summer I'm sure :)
I agree with your views on feminism I think. I'm a proponent of people in general and have always felt that promoting any one segment of humanity serves only to emphasize our differences. Thanks for sharing these great insights into who you are!

Susie said...

So is #1 the reason your screen name is "yellow"
Wow, Pink Floyd's, The Wall...that's awesome!

Lesley said...

I grew up listening to The Wall blaring out of my brother's bedroom. Happy days...! That's a lovely story about your first sketch. :-)

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