Monday, 28 May 2007


I've been painting today. I painted a sunny yellow in my studio behind the sink, and I painted the short end wall, and a bit of another wall.

This afternoon, hubby & I are off to see Pirates of the Caribbean, and when we get back we'll be watching the serial finale of Lost which we taped. So I doubt I'll get any art work done today.

So here's a picture I did a very long time ago, in the 1990's in fact. Just so you have something pretty to look at while I'll at the cinema.


Lesley said...

You've reminded me that I need to paint a few walls too! Not nearly as much fun as the other sort of painting but must still be done.

I like your artwork... certainly pretty :-) How was the new Pirates film?

Bill of Ballaugh said...

I really liked today's offering. A touch of the classical about it. It would look lovely, framed, in my study.

Yellow said...

Thanks both of you. The Pirates film was fantastic. I visual feast and full of quotable one-liners ("My peanut!")
Hubby is away tonight, so while the cat's away, the mouse gets her paintbrushes out and plays some more classical music very loud.
As always, watch this space..

Lisa said...

This is a wonderful piece, but I can see how much you've grown since you did this. Your work has far more depth now. Enjoy "Lost" -- I am a junkie. It's just about the only TV show I try to catch when it airs and I've seen every episode since the first one. Also, thank you very much for all your support this weekend :)

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