Friday, 25 May 2007

Not enough hours in the day

I have images in my head of paintings I want to do;

a large canvas split into three showing cast iron machinery from Beamish Open Air Museum and the old mining works in quite a graphic form

a series of landscapes showing the North Sea viewed from various points on the coast with railings, balustrades, wooden fencing, etc...

studies of the negative spaces found in crochet doilies and lace work

some tall narrow views across North Dock in Roker rising from the pavement looking across the dock at the embankment and the houses and flats rising above that

the view I see of the path stretching ahead of me when I'm trudging along the pavement, with the picture plane tilted down

I'd need to give up my day job (which I actually enjoy, if not love), farm the kids out (just chop one of my limbs off, why don't you) and drink lots of caffeine (I don't think my bladder could take it). I'd keep my hubby around as he's a great cook, and he keeps my feet warm at night, and I would wash occasionally, if only because I got a great big stash of Lush goodies for my birthday which are shouting to be used.

I spent most of yesterday clearing out the garage to reclaim some studio space in there. When I went back int this morning I was surprised at how much I'd got done.

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