Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Wanted- inspiration & motivation

Why am I not painting? Or drawing? Why am I apprehensive again? Someone give me a prod up the buttocks please.
On the good side, I now have some photos of a male torso to work from. And a promise from another male to sit for some life studies for me. So now I need to make time to start working again. I also want to finish the canvas I started. I suppose it's only been about three weeks since I last painted but it feels like forever. I've been taking my sketchbook out with me, but I can't seem to 'see' anything to draw.


Bill of Ballaugh said...

Come on, woman ! Just look out of the window. Draw the piers, the harbour, the docks below you, your front door, the view down the back lane, the bus stop, the corner of the pub, the dustbin, the front gate ........ It's what you're always telling me. Please, please, please don't get frightened now. You were really getting into it there.

Tracey Johnson said...

Take a break sweetie and do something new or different, not art or 'mum' or 'wife' or 'house' related! Doesn't have to be anything longer than an hour, just change your own perspective for a short while and you may find yourself buzzing with ideas and motivation. Have a look at www.architectureweek.org.uk and choose an event to go to or something to do. Love ya! TJ xx

Melanie Rimmer said...

That's a good idea, tracey. Why not visit an art gallery or a stately home or sculpture park or something to give you inspiration and "new eyes".

Lisa said...

I was getting worried about you! I'm not a painter but usually there are only two things you can do to get working again - take a break, or force yourself. You've been on a bit of a break and you still don't feel inspired, so maybe you need to give yourself permission to try some new things with no expectations. Try a different medium? Reinterpret another work? Try an interior? Street scene? Abstract? Portrait? Think about what has you stymied -- your last posted works were incredible, so maybe you feel like you need to sustain that and you don't want to disappoint yourself? How about a change of venue? Plein air? Charcoal sketches outdoors? Most of all, don't take it too seriously. Have fun, don't expect anything at all, but just do it. Your sister gave me some advice along those lines not long ago to just do it and I took it to heart. So glad to see you back!

Scott Mattlin said...

Hi Tracey- Scott here; Lisa's husband.

For what-it's-worth (and I say this simply due to the fact that I would believe that we all are aware that what may work for one individual may VERY WELL do absolutely nothing for another;);........after 22 years as a full-time artist (oil painter);..and having observed and counseled hundreds of artist friends and students; your obstacles, concerns, and frustrations are.......truly an integral part of the artist soul, and those of us that truly are driven to create experience these periods. It is........universally felt. Particularly by those who strive for excellence!

That said; KNOWING that hesitation, fear, apathy,lack of inspiration, confusion, and artistic inactivity are truly experienced as part of the creative process and artist's temperament may bring some comfort. NO ONE is immune:).There's no vaccination to prevent it. We have our inspired and superbly productive times; which may produce an unusual number of wonderful works, and lift our spirit and abilities to a new, and more exciting level.
We have periods where the "rest-of-our-life" prevents us from working at all; and everything in-between.
Burnout, laziness, perfectionism, and lack of time seem to be the primary culprits for our lack of inspiration.

Bill, Tracey, Melanie, and Lisa all give sound advice.
I'll try and offer comfort in the form of heartfelt, and carefully observed gentle reminder:

You will paint again. You are a fine artist. (A talented artist:)
Worry over the incubation period that's required to create good work serves no good purpose.Life is far to short to be taken too seriously.
Get plenty of sleep, and take good care of yourself, emotionally and physically, and begin to paint some small pieces which require shorter periods of time.
As Lisa said: "take a break, or force yourself to paint".

Either way, most importantly, try not to worry. Enjoy the other aspects of your life, and r e l a x.

Feel free to write to me at my personal address whenever you feel the desire.
Cheers, -Scott

Yellow said...

Seriously thanks guys. To all of you. For your bullying, encouragement, sympathy and just for appearing out of nowhere, when I felt I was writing into a great empty vacuum.
I have started sketching this evening, just drawing myself drawing (as you do!) and I did enjoy it. And I tried not to think too much.
Maybe my shout for help meant that I was getting prepared to climb out of the hole I was in.
Thank you again. I was not prepared for such a response.

Tracey Johnson said...

Bless you! Glad you are back at it. If it makes you feel better it took a night of beery fun in Leeds to get Patrick and I out of our own creative funk recently, and it worked a treat xx

Kelly said...

you were entitled to some time off, we all do it and I try to use it as reflective time and planning time, and hopefully by now you are back doing the thing you love.
By the way, I am having a graduation barbeque on 17th of july (it's a tuesday, after school/work)to which you, tony, tj and becca are invited
Kelly x

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