Monday, 21 May 2007

the good, the bad & the ugly

colour nude 3 May07
I dithered about whether to post this or not, but decided that I would. It's a study using soft pastel, over painted with water, which picks up the pigment & turns the pastel into paint. It's a technique I saw on a drawing programme the other day (though the artist used it to soften some under painting on a bouquet of flowers before she went over it in more detail in pastel).
I love working in pastel, building up colours and tones, but as it's a medium I'm familiar with it feels like cheating sometimes. But when I saw this technique I thought I'd try it.
I used the last colour nude to work from, so there's still funny blue patches on the buttocks. But I loved the way the colour flowed quickly & blended on the paper.
Today, I've bought some more watercolour paints, 2 large brushes (number 12's - one long and one shorter bristles) and also some inks. So, as before, watch this space.


fave realtive amy lol said...

happy birthday steffff, what time u finish work tomor n will eb at home, we have bought you a lovely gift!

hedgewizard said...

Happy birthday Steph!!!

(This week, I 'as bin mainly paintin' bums.)

Bill of Ballaugh said...

Happy birthday, Steph. Thank you for the many hours of happiness your artwork has given me and for the support and encouragement you give to my own feeble efforts. May you have many more years of fun and experimentation.

Yellow said...

Thanks guys x

IndigoShirl said...

Love it.....:0)

Stacey Richter said...

Love your imagination, painting style,blog. And your comments. That was one funny one you left on my blog. Laughed out loud.


Yellow said...

Hiya Indoshirl and Stacey. Welcome to my blog. I hope you keep popping by & see what else I'm up to. had a late night with the oils last night, will be posting later today with more on that.....

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