Thursday, 10 January 2008

A very productive evening

I've managed to change my hours at work which means more time for my family AND more time for my art.

This afternoon, whilst the kids ate their tea, I stood in the kitchen with a big mirror, and my table-top easel, working on more self portraits. Yes, more self portraits. I'm cheap, you see, and available to pose whenever I want to draw. Self portraits are also something I've done since an early age. My first ever oil painting was of myself. I have done some from photos but I prefer to work from a mirror.

self portrait, left handed,charcoal 10.1.08

I started off today working left-handed again, and though the resulting drawing isn't great in itself, I found myself working hard, both with my eyes and my hand.

During the second drawing I was looking mostly in the mirror and not paying much attention to what was coming out on the paper.

self portrait charcoal 10.1.08

The third drawing I left incomplete as I really liked the modelling of the eye and cheek. When I looked at what I'd done I lost my nerve and stopped.

After those three, I decided to work more on the drawings themselves, looking at what I'd done, and re-working areas over and over until I was happy. I'll publish those later for you to seeself portrait eye charcoal 10.1.08.

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