Monday, 14 January 2008

My ultimate self-portrait

I see myself with dark eyes, maybe even closed eyes, but frowning, concentrating. My hair is wild, as if a hot wind is blowing from beneath, and my lips are tight shut. The background is a deep, dull colour, maybe a flat red with touches of grey. The highlights on my nose, cheeks and eyebrows are delicate and cold, and the shadowed areas are warmer. Now all I need is the technique to carry this off. Note that I didn't say 'talent' because I didn't want to invite a deluge of compliments. Maybe I'll work on this in a series of mediums; inks and pen, marker pen, acrylics and collage, oils (scary thought - oils are too much like 'real' art for me still).
I want the face to be active, as though it's changing through emotions as you look at it, not frozen in time. I want to capture a whole event, rather than just a second's snap shot. I also want it to be emerging from the canvas, as though the canvas is too small for it, and the energy portrayed is trying to get out. Could I paint it with the eyes closed, and yet still capture the dynamics of the emotions?


Bill of Ballaugh said...

Reading comments from others who have perused your blog have pleased me immensely. In admiring your work I'm not just being a doting dad, am I? Sorry about losing your watercolour of St. Cuthbert's cross. I only hope the thief really appreciates what he has stolen.Keep working.

Robin Lassiter Art said...

I just starting thinking about doing some self portraits... finished one. I loved reading about your process.

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