Saturday, 12 January 2008

... and finally

I think I've done as much as I want to on this. I'm not happy with the effect of the forehead where I tried to correct the shadow. Maybe I should have just left it as it was. Not to worry. Boy, I look miserable. But I'm not really.

Okay, the next self portrait I do will be of a 'happy' me.

I may go back and make the eyes as dark as the jumper. I'm happy with the hair and the ear, and the soft shape of the jumper matches my puffy face (Post-Christmas Bloat would be an apt title for this).

I like the general pose I've used here, and I think the proportions are fine, so I may use this as a basis for a much bigger drawing. This is A3 size, so I may make a start on an A1-sized drawing next.


Anonymous said...

I have been trying to figure out how to contact you via the blog and given up!!

I wanted to tell you about what appears to be a great Figurative Art Course in Mark called "Working in and With Colour" - you can seemore on their web site and followthe links to services / courses / residential.

"Keep your brush working"



Mam said...

Hey despite the fact that you haven't made yourself look gorgeous ;-) - I love this one!! Keep it up.
H xx

Yellow said...

Thanks Richard. INteresting that she's made so much more out of being a life model. Good idea.
Mam, LOL.

drb said...

Hey, nice work. Thanks for the compliment and happy gadget making.

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