Tuesday, 15 January 2008

... arghhh!

Yes, I've grown a beard. I'm fed up with my chin, so I'm going to ignore it for a bit. I ended up tonking it ;laying on paper and pressing to remove some of the paint, because I'd re-worked it so many times that the paint was now thick and anything I tried to paint over it was just mushing in with the layers underneath.
Good news - the nose is now the right width, but I can see from this photo that the bulbous bit is still too small.
I'm happy with the way the forehead is shaping up, and I've found the perfect palette - alizarin crimson, lemon yellow, burnt sienna, cobalt blue, paynes grey and titanium white.
The reflected light from the white wall in my studio is lightening the left side of my face and adding complications, so I'm going to hang some black paper to cast that side of my face into shadow. Hopefully that will simplify the shadows for me.
Will I ever get there?


Daniel Ted said...

Nice paintings you have here Ma'am.
Keep the works coming.

Mam said...

It's very 'you' around the eyes - I've no idea how you've managed that since they're shut - it's impressive!

Gerald said...

Another great addition to your self-portrait paintings. I love using the burnt siennas and cobalt blues too. I'll give lemon yellow a try the next time I get new paints.

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