Thursday, 10 January 2008

... continued from earlier

self portrait 10.1.08 soft pastels

Working in soft pastels I built this up quite quickly. I quit when I saw that the proportions were wrong, my face is too long and my eyes too small. So I turned the page and started again.

The second pastel study was much better. The proportions were correct this time and I liked the modelling I'd achieved.self portrait 10.1.08 sof pastels The mouth is too far right, the nose is a little too small, and I need to work on the chin, and a million other things that are wrong. But overall, I was happy with it.

Time to change medium, so I stayed with the pastel colour pad I was working in and grabbed the brush pens. I started working in minute detail with the black, then I added the white. Next I worked over this with pale and a medium grey brush pens, adding shadows and modelling, and toning down some of the white.

self portrait 10.1.08 brush pens and white

Although I recognise that the last one I did yesterday would look good on my wall, I'm happiest with the fifth one.


Lisa said...

I really like the third one you've posted quite a bit. I haven't been commenting as often as I'd like to but I've been stopping by and I am so proud of you! You've really been prolific. I hope you had a Happy Christmas and a lovely New Year. It was nice to read about your visit to Melanie's on Bean Sprouts ;)

Yellow said...

Thanks Lisa. I had a great time at Mel's and have come back after the Christrmas break all fired up and full of energy.
You're proud of me? Gosh, and thanks.

Bill of Ballaugh said...

We're all proud of you.Steph. Keep drawing/painting AND thinking.

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