Wednesday, 16 January 2008

.. grrrrrr!

Feelings of frustration, deflation, anger...... I printed off yesterday's image and drew over it to make the corrections of nose, eye etc. Now I think the whole face is too long and horsey. Oh flippin heck!!!!!!
Anyway I will persevere. Maybe it's the 'goatee' that's dragging my eye down. Maybe when I add the hair over the top it will soften the whole look. This painting is getting painful for me to work on, but I'm determined to finish it to some level of satisfaction before I move on.


Julie said...

The modelling on this is great. Guess you've tried turning it upside down or inverting it in a mirror - can help align the planes?

Just got back from very saturated up North!

Yellow said...

Thank you. I agree I've caught the structure of my face here. I'm now revving up the engines to jump back into painting again. Wish me luck.

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