Tuesday, 15 January 2008

#1 self portrait

November 2007

Jan 2008 Working on a canvas I started last year, I decided to paint myself with my eyes closed. To do this, looking in the mirror, I could only close one eye at a time. I had to be aware of how looking through one eye distorts the angle you view things at, especially at such a close range. Being able to see things with both eyes, and thus perceiving depth, helps enormously when I'm painting; a drawing done from life always communicates more depth than a drawing I do from a photograph, no matter what tricks I use.

I worked in some hair before I stopped today, just to soften the face and to add some dynamics.

Next I want to tone down the left of my face, then get to grips with my forehead.
My mouth is still a tiny bit too high , my nose is too narrow and my chin is too small overall. But, oil paint is the most fantastic medium for making corrections. I don't know why I procrastinate so much in working with oils.

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Melanie Rimmer said...

Only you could try to do a closed-eye self-portrait from a mirror, Steph!

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