Saturday, 3 March 2007

Wet, Wet, Wet

Wet Beijing Street in pen & colour Feb 07Sometimes I get the urge to sketch, and if I'm short of a subject, I'll do an image-search on Google. I love trawling through images until something jumps out at me.
I was looking at 'Beijing rain street' images, and came across a powerful photo of a wet street. It looked like it had been altered, with dense blocks of colour. I was inspired.
So I've done a number of drawings from it, first on tracing paper over a print out, with loose scratches in pen exploring the shapes and shadows. This I overlaid onto a simple colour study, so the tracing paper subdued the colours.
Wet Beijing Street in Indian Ink Feb 07

But the lines weren't strong enough for me, so I did another freehand study using a brush with a very long and fine head and some Indian Ink. I was much happier with this one. I think I'll photocopy it a number of times, so I can work colours over it using oil pastels and inks.
I'm also happy with a smaller study I did of some cyclists in the rain.
All the work I've shown so far were done either on A5 or A4. I haven't been brave enough to work bigger yet, but I will. Just give me a little time & stick with me please.

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Bill of Ballaugh said...

Now, this is speaking to me. Getting a feeling of involvement, of urgency, of directness. Keep feeling, Steph.

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