Sunday, 25 March 2007

Drawing on the past

cup, chalk pastel 1991

Whilst at college, we were set a project of drawing a cup. First, we did simple sketches, then we increased the scale of our drawings. The final work was to break the cup & work from the shattered pieces (I missed that day, so I kept my cup whole).
The most rewarding task for me was to draw/paint the cup using no line, only colour. I placed the cup on the table and squatted over it with my paper and chalk pastels. After totally immersing myself in the task, I finally stopped and stood back, and was impressed by the outcome. So much so that when I came across the piece years later I framed it and it hangs on my kitchen wall.
More recently, I started working on lino-printing. It was a medium I remembered fondly from my early school days, and wanting to work in a new area I easily persuaded my dad to get me a cutting set for my birthday.
Seeking inspiration I decided to draw from my cup picture. And here are the results.

cup, lino print white acrylic

cup, lino print white acrylic
cup, lino print coloured acrylics


Lindsey Farquhar said...


I adore the pastel cup. Andrew said he envied the way you achieved concentric ovals and graduated the colour.

The lino prints, especially the coloured one, are also great.

I'm not in the slightest bit surprised you've framed the original.

Love you

Nic said...

Oh wow, I love this!!! You're onto something there.


Bill of Ballaugh said...

I've always loved these. As the saying goes, "I could live with these on my wall"

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