Thursday, 22 March 2007

My critics

hand 1, March 07

hand 3 March 07hand 2 March 07

I have a number of critics. My 3 year old daughter is the most positive and enthusiastic, though her experience of art at this point is limited. My 6 year old son is very serious, thoughtful, and frank. My husband (age undisclosed) sways from appreciative to bewildered, depending on how realistic or abstract a piece is respectively. My father is encouraging, and annoyingly tactful at times. It is a failing of mine that I distrust his feedback because I know how much he loves the very fact that I'm creating again, and I know he doesn't want to discourage me in any way. I suppose it will take time for both of us to gain confidence in what I'm doing, to take the rough with the smooth, and I look forward to that.

My husband likes the first hand, my son prefers the second. My daughter squeaked when she saw each of them in turn. Hopefully, my dad, who's Internet access is powered by mice on a treadmill, hasn't seen these yet.


Melanie Rimmer said...

I agree with them both that the third is the weakest.

I love the first one - I think it is because your use of highlights is very effective and makes it seem alive.

But I think my favourite is the second, and I know why. Why is the hand holding a hankie? Is the woman crying? Or wiping away someone else's tears? Or blowing a snotty nose (her own or smeone else's)? Or about to bandage a wound? The drawing hints at a story, reveals something about a person attached to that hand, and I like that. The others are just hands.

ellis hutch said...

Oh I like the third, it's gutsy and raw, it has more energy than the first two. At the moment I'm loving William Kentridge's drawings, are you familiar with his work?

Yellow said...

Thanks Ellis. Kentridge is amazing, I've been looking at his work all morning on the web (what did we do before the internet, eh?)

Bill of Ballaugh said...

OK, Steph, here goes. (Gulp). I wasn't really impressed by any of them. They all lacked life for me. There was no tension in them,no feeling of the underlying bone, muscle, tendons, no seeming reason for the position taken or item held. Boy, but that took some getting out. Better get it online before I change my mind.

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