Saturday, 31 March 2007

Roker Park

girl on bench in Roker Park, watercolour pencils
I love Roker Park, it's a beautiful place full of nooks and crannies, corners, hidden areas, and many changing views.Girl in Roker Park, linocut
I went sketching there with my cousin (who is a very talented artist in her own right) and we had a smashing time. We sat at one point drawing some gentlemen on the bowling green. One of them came over to see what we were doing, then disappeared off into the club house. When he returned he had a choc-ice each for us (it was a very hot day that day).
When I first made this print it had a sold background, but I added verticals suggesting the trees behind. If I'm being very self-critical i would say that I'm not happy with the foot which is flat on the floor, or the far legs of the bench. But overall I'm happy with the result.

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