Saturday, 24 March 2007

The learning process

chair, negative spaces, pencil March 07
chair, inking in March 07
chair, indian ink March 07
In addition to drawing and painting whatever grabs me at the time, I'm also working through a set of exercises. These images I created when looking at 'negative spaces'. These spaces are as important in composition as 'positive objects'. Let me think of an example of about the shapes between the pillars of the Parthenon, or the fantastic fluid forms in the vaulted ceilings of Durham Cathedral. Get the idea. I chose to draw a chair I picked up at one of the antique shops on Roker Avenue - the one whose owner is a fan of giraffes. I don't think the final inked image is a strong as the pencil outline, but I enjoyed feeling the shift to the right hand side of my brain, blurring out the structure of the chair itself and concentrating on the negative spaces, which was the purpose of the exercise.

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