Saturday, 17 March 2007

Intense colour

This morning I managed to snatch a couple of hours, and decided to get out the oil pastels and acrylic board I set to it, working from the distance to the foreground. When I had filled the canvas I looked again to see what detail needed to be added, and overworked each piece, adding more colour, or scratching away, smudging & blending, and scratching some more.

The first one was Tunstall Hills. I was surprised at the colours I found when I really looked, the hills, the buildings in the middle distance, and even the road. I enjoyed adding in the street lights, and the bollards.

Tunstall Hills from Dame Dorothy Street, oil pastel March 07

The second view I'm not so happy with, as I don't think it hangs together as a whole picture. I had trouble catching the colours of the roofs. I know they are a terracotta close-up and I struggled seeing their 'true' colour within this view. However, I am happy with the fence and trees, and I love the energy in the sky.

View Across Dame Dorothy Street, oil pastel March 07

The last piece I did was a view of my front gate. As soon as i picked up the pastels I panicked. So I broke it down, sketched out the composition, and started on the background. I love the way the pavement comes under the gate into the foreground. I did a lot of under colour under the shrub on the left before I overworked the leaves and branches.

Gate, oil pastel March 07

I feel so enthused by this work. I want to get out and start tackling stuff. Wow.


etomayumi said...

Wow. I now realize that I didn't know well enough about this blogger. Man! it could be so productive and creative! Your page inspired me a lot. Thanks. And nice page! Good luck!

Nic said...

The well of knowledge about color is endless, but each time we play around with them, we learn something new and, often, exciting. I'm enjoying your journey!

Bill of Ballaugh said...

As your readers have said,I'm enjoying the journey too. I think I can say, I'm as excited as you are with each new discovery. Keep it up, Petal. I promise that, as soon as I can get my house back together again, I'll be joining you on the ship.

Yellow said...

Thank you for the positive comments. I'm enjoying the journey too.

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