Sunday, 18 March 2007

Time to paint

Yesterday afternoon my hubby kicked me out while he & the kids made their final arrangements for Mothers Day. So I got to spend an hour down on North Dock with my oil pastels and boards. Here's the results:North Dock boats, oil pastel March 07
South Dock from North Dock, oil pastel March 07
North Dock, oilpastel March 07

I'm finding that just having the materials in my hand are making me want to start painting. The oil pastel is so soft, and I can build up four, five, six layers of colour. If it starts moving about on the surface and not really 'taking' I just scratch back the area and work from there. I used a stick to strip back some areas on these and found that the board had stained with the first one or two colours I'd lain down. So if I wanted a highlight, I'd lay down white pastel first, work over the top, then scratch back to reveal unstained board.


Melanie Rimmer said...

They're great, Steph. My favourite is the one with the boats, but I love them all. I've only one quibble - I've never seen skies that blue over Roker!

hedgewizard said...

Steph, I know this isn't the time or place, but why did you mention German wasps in particular on Mel's blog?

Yellow said...

Hedgey, I've replied on Beansporout for you.
Mel, they were that blue, with a lot of grey cloud. On the North Sea we gat a fantastic range of skies. My favorite are the dark stormy skies. Turner used to have the crew tie him to the mast of the ship during storms so that he could observe the sky & sea without danger of being swept overboard.

Jane Walker said...

Great work.. I love oil pastels and found that those little kits of chinese scraping tools they use for sandstone carving are great for "scratching back" and making a variety of different kinds of scratches into the surface...
Your blog is so huge and full of energy I can't take it all in at once but I will dip in from time to time.

Anonymous said...

i think ur going round the friggin pipe

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