Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Okay, don't sit still then!

Wriggling on the sofa, March 07
I didn't deliberately sketch the kids (see earlier post) BECAUSE they were watching telly, it's just that I COULD sketch the kids because they were watching telly.
Interesting observation though.
I used to sketch my mum when she was asleep on the sofa, and I drew dad whilst he was reading the newspaper & watching the news simultaneously.
I used to draw other kids at my school when they were sat listening to the teacher. But all of this was just because they were sitting still.
Here's a sketch of my daughter. She knew I was drawing her, and she was wriggling, eating her toes, pulling faces at me and laughing. This picture has about 15 minutes worth of memories for me, sitting on the sofa, intently watching her and noting the changes. She was delighted too when she saw the finished drawing.

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Nic said...

Very sweet! I admire your courage in tackling "squirmy subjects."


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