Thursday, 29 November 2007

Jared Shear - Working on a theme

I found the Cougar Peak site earlier this year, and I've followed it on and off for some time. Jared Shear has been painting the scene across from his house (lucky guy to have this view) every day through 2007. It's just amazing how diligent he's been and how he's managed to re-invent and keep the momentum.
The painting I've shown here is number #317 done on 13 November 2007.
Some of his paintings are serene, some very overcast, some are livelier than others. But they each tell a story, and as a collection they're astonishing.
When he's done he intends to hold an exhibition showing all of the series, but as he's from Montana my chances of attending are slim to nil. Still, it's lovely to dip into his site on a regular basis.


caseytoussaint said...

What a cool idea! I've always wanted to do a serious series, but I never get down to doing it. Maybe I should make it an art goal for next year (oops, I think it was an art goal for this year!)

Yellow said...

Yeah, he's amazingly dedicated for sticking with it, and amazingly lucky to live in such a location.

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