Sunday, 25 November 2007

7 of 7 of Roker Sky #1

Here it is. I'm not totally happy with the roofs, I think they look like burnt-out industrial units, which wasn't the intention. But I'm glad I put them in because they were essential, and I could have made excuses for not taking the plunge for weeks. But then I would have been left with a 'pretty' sky, which wasn't my intention either.

Also, the whites in the upper areas weren't white but a very pale grey, the only area of true white was near the skyline where the sun was shining, under lighting the clouds. I won't change the painting at this stage as the paint is still very wet. I may put a slight grey tint over them when the paint's cured more.

In the next one the roofs will be on a smaller scale so that the sky looks even bigger.

The photo has pixilated the colours, but if you send me $5,000.00 I'll be happy send it to you, if you agree to pay the postage.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sky paintings!

Bill of Ballaugh said...

I agree with Anna. Beautiful, beautiful sky. But I thought the buildings would:
(a) occupy less of the work, and
(b) be more solid, forming an anchor for the viewer, holding him bodily down but letting the mind drift up and away with the clouds. Just my thoughts but NOT criticisms.

Yellow said...

Thank you Anna.

Dad-I agree, they need to be more weighted. Maybe I'll play around with this one, and not be precious about it. I still don't want them to be silloettes (there's no spellchecker on 'comments'). Help. Suggestions anyone?

Anonymous said...

Steph: suggestions?
some sort of dictionary, perhaps?


Anonymous said...

I think your dad's quite right, the buildings make the picture look unfinished at the moment as you've only sketched in their outline.

I think that you're correct though - if you just blocked the buildings in as silhouettes, although it would highlight the dynamism of the sky and be a counterpoint to how you would normally structure a painting (with the interest in the buildings and the sky a bland backdrop)I think that it would look too severe.

How about the effect that you get in early morning light, where the buildings are ALMOST in silhoutte, but the light is just starting to paint the sky facing planes (ie roofs, gutters, window ledges) and hint at the detail? Also, after rain, the window pains would be highly reflective and may even act as mirrors for the clouds.

Your clouds, lit from below, look really really great.



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