Thursday, 1 November 2007

A Portrait of a Friend

Watercolour study of Mike Nov 07

pencil studies of Mike Nov 07
Actually, he's a friend of my dad, from Eire. But when I first met him, apart from his gentlemanly demeanour, I immediately thought he was a lovely specimen. To paint.

Well, he kindly obliged to be photographed by my dad, and here are some preparatory sketches I've done so far. I also did an ink drawing, but I'd mailed it to my dad before it occurred to me to photograph it for this blog. Because I'm a nincompoop!

It struck me to do some lino prints from the studies. None of the photos have inspired me to do an oil painting. Maybe when I next visit Eire I'll ask him if he'd pose for me in his work van, or in dad's woodwork shop. He strikes me as a great 'Poseidon' maybe.


Mike from Abbeyfeale said...

Well thank you very much I loved
the drawings.They are great and the
next time you are in Eire I would
be delighted to pose for you.

Mike from Abbeyfeale.

Bill of Ballaugh said...

This is good stuff Steph. I really like the sketches. They are so the Mike I know. especially the one on the bottom left. It seems to capture the 'stillness' of him.

Yellow said...

Thank you, both Mike and Bill. I look forward to viewing the rest of the photos you sent me on the memory card, and producing some more works from them.

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