Friday, 7 September 2007

More about me

Here's another two self portraits done this week. I'm not that happy with either of them for various reasons but I saw and learnt new things doing each one. Yesterday I dabbed on the background colour for a self portrait I want to do in oils. Hubby's away now til next Friday, so hopefully I'll have some
productive evenings in his absence.
I've also been thinking about some stuff Eudaemonia said recently about abstract nouns, which has led me to thinking about titles for my pictures. She often gets me thinking, and it's amazing how her comments about art, which she relates to her writing, often apply equally to my painting.


stitchwort said...

Just returning your visit to my blog - fascinating, takes me back more than 40 years, to the year I spent at art school, failing to learn how to draw!

Lisa said...

I think you've really got something through the eyes and nose of the top drawing especially. Since I don't know what you actually look like (not really necessary, either), I get a sense of you through these drawings. And thanks for the mention. I find exactly the same thing about the arts. Almost all of the articles and quotes that I run across about painting, writing and most other art forms can be applied unilaterally. It's really opened up my eyes to think about ART from that perspective.

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