Thursday, 6 September 2007

decision time

I'm not happy with the angles on the table, so I'm going to keep the right hand side as it is, but bring the left side of the table forward so it's not sitting sqaure on the floor, to add more dynamics to the scene. That means I'll need to change the back chair, or the table top will just be too big overall.
But not today, I need a break from it.
I had no idea I'd be making so many changes as I went along.


DJ Kirkby said...

Hi! :-) This painting reminds me of the childrens book called 'A squash and a squeeze'.

Melanie Rimmer said...

Ooh, yeah dj. I know exactly what you mean! It does look like the illustrations in A Squash and A Squeeze.

Hey Yellow, I could lend you a chicken, but you'll have to get a cow, a goat and a pig from somewhere else.

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