Thursday, 6 September 2007

can you tell what it it yet?

I spent this morning drawing in the placement of the tiled kitchen floor, then blocking in the two tones. I thought I was done, took a digital photo, looked at it & saw loads of changes that were needed. So I made the cross bars of the right side chair more horizontal, and changed the angle of the flooring on the left.
I like the way the tiles meet in a sketchy way, I pretty much dry-brushed on the paint for the floor, and have made sure they overlap the chair in the foreground so I can sharpen up the chair legs later.
Next, I want to look at the shadows, and maybe use glazes for these, something I've never done before.
It's exciting, and while I really want to make this picture 'work' I'm trying not to be too serious and anxious about it.
I really like the roughness of the floor so far, and I want to be looser in describing the shadows and highlights overall. The white back wall needs to be a lot darker. And I don't know if the table or the near chair will be the focus. I need to add the yellow book to the table as I'm sure it will change the balance of the picture.
I have no idea when I'll get to spend a couple of hours on it next though.


Melanie Rimmer said...

It's looking really good, Steph. I like the floor, too.

Lisa said...

I really like the floor too. I love how this is evolving!

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