Sunday, 2 September 2007

an exciting night

I spent an evening on two self-portraits, and I was as high as a kite when I finished them. The charcoal one was done first, just because the charcoal was to hand after sizing up the still life canvas. I enjoyed being able to remove the lines from the watercolour paper I used just with a sweep of my finger. I even managed to resurrect an 18 year old putty rubber which I'd moved house countless times with.

When I'd finished it, and sprayed it with fixative, I was still fired up, so I grabbed three soft chalk pastels and started on the second portrait.

I look pretty wide eyed in it, which may be a result of my excitement, as it's not my usual expression, but I'm pleased with the way I found myself working on the whole face at once, which kept it in proportion.


Bill of Ballaugh said...

I love the charcoal drawing, but not too sure about the pastel one. You do look a bit manic in it and maybe that's what I don't like. The juxtaposition of the colours does, on closer inspection, start to appeal.

DJ Kirkby said...

looks really surreal in colour sort of like a dream...

amy said...

hey yeah that is your normal expression lol
really love those 2.

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