Friday, 14 September 2007

Finished, for the moment at least

LaMothe New Orleans Sept 07
Well, here's the finished painting. Thank you to my fantastic hubby who was there to keep me free of distractions while I worked on this.

The last few hours I managed to work on it in my back garden on the lightweight easel I have, so I was in daylight, and not under striplights. Now I want to rip off the roof of the garage and cover it in clear corrigated PVC stuff, to let the light in. In my dreams I think. Actually, in my dreams I'm in an airy attic studio at the back of a hugh victorian terraced house, with the windows open, and the sounds of the kids playing in the garden filtering through a massive cherry tree, the smell of coffee on a hotplate, hubby in the kitchen preparing the fish for dinner....... I have some great dreams.

But don't knock the reality; I have a room of my own, time to paint, money to buy paint, I have my health, so I can paint. Life is good.


Bill of Ballaugh said...

This is great, Steph. Please don't ask for any analysis, for any reasoning. It is going straight through my eye to my heart. If I may be allowed to say so, this is the best piece of work to date (and you know how much I've enjoyed your other pieces). Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. Thankyou, a great big thankyou.

Yellow said...

Thanks Bill (aka dad). There's plenty of holes I could pick in it, but I do think it works overall.

Scott Mattlin said...

Yes, Steph;- as with Bill; no analysis nor critique needed.
As you say; it works well overall; very well, in fact:)

What fascinates me is your description of your ideal studio;....
so interesting the variety of visions that artists have for their "dream studio":)! Fortunately, like you,..-I have been able to develop a very comfortable studio to work in,; and thanks in part to Lisa in generously working with me to have a nicely sized section of our home remodeled into one version of my dream studio.

Perhaps the key to happiness with our environs is to dream-away!;..and; be very satisfied with wherever we find ourselves working TODAY:) Cheers!
Your friend, -Scott

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