Monday, 13 July 2009


My sister made me do it. I am working my way, page by page and step by step, through a book called Pastels In 10 Steps by Ian Sidaway. The reason being is that my sister, Mel, who is just starting out as an artist, has learnt a lot about acrylics working through a book. And I'm stuck for what to do with my art.

So I found this book in the library and I liked what he'd done on the back page, so I thought I'd give it a go. Even though it means doing poxy still lifes step by poxy step.

Here's the first step - in bananas and grapes. It's blurred because you're meant to brush off the excess pastel before moving on. It's not the absinthe, honest. Though I could do with a stiff drink. Setting up the still life was a chore. I mean - Cezanne had it easy; 8pm at night and he's only got one light bulb swinging from a bare cable in the middle of a room. Me; I've got 6 light sources in the kitchen ceiling alone. I had to resort to grabbing the bedside lamp, but now I can see the still life and my drawing board, but not the pastels to my left, or my feet for that matter.

Looking at this photo I see I've placed everything too low on the page but I'll be damned before I re-do it. The left side of my brain isn't a happy bunny at the moment. Don't mind me - I'm off to block in the dark areas on and around each grape. There's 43 of them by the way. I know. Because I counted them. I thought drawing and painting was meant to be a calming exercise.

Grumble mumble.

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