Friday, 17 July 2009

Exercise 4 - Impasto

Why did I paint a cantaloupe? Because the watermelon was too heavy for the hand basket. The texture was hard to capture, and I'm much happier with the pomegranate.

Impasto was great. I found it hard to lay on the pastel thick enough first time, due to my lack of certainty about the final placement of colours. But I enjoyed going over it all with a thicker layer, slightly adjusting the shapes as I went. I wish I'd used stronger under painting to build up a depth or red and green to work over. I will definitely use this approach on future subjects.


Brian McGurgan said...

It's great to see you working through each of these techniques methodically, Steph, and you're getting some nice volumes and color, along with great texture.

Yellow said...

Thanks, Brian. Methodically was the approach. But today I've made a leap, so watch this space....

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