Thursday, 16 July 2009

Exercise 3 - Linear technique

At last I get into the swing of pastel painting, then I get a tummy bug (for the third time in a couple of weeks) which puts the kibosh on getting anything done for a while. Plus we're off to the in-laws caravan for the weekend (illness permitting) so, though I may get some sketching done, I'll not be working on these exercises til next week at least.

So here's last night's offering. I didn't think there were legs on this technique but now I'm not so sure. Maybe it's a good way to play around with mixing colours before committing. I found the nectarine difficult, the apple was quite easy, and the orange was a trial but I think I conquered it.

After work yesterday I went into Newcastle and stocked up on pastel paper, hard pastels, and fixative. I also chose two boxes for pastels, as I'd cracked the Ferrero Rocher box I used to use. Actually, the unfinished wood would take well to pyrography. That's a project for another month, me thinks. Don't the pastels look amazing in this box. They cry out to be picked up and used.


Melanie Rimmer said...

Love it. The nectarine especially looks good enough to eat. I also like the loose squiggles in the foreground and the way they contrast with the straight cross-hatched lines on the fruit.

Casey Klahn said...

These are effective still lifes. Love 'em.

Do you read Jala Pfaff? Her blog has the best stills - a real treat.

Yellow said...

Yes, Mel, I like the contrast in lines too.
Casey, I was going to give you the heads up that I was working in pastels, and for you to be gentle with me, kind master that you are. Thank's for the encouragement.
Jala's blue plums are amazing. And the way she paints pears! Wow. Thanks for that suggestion, and I hope you stick with me until I find my own pastel voice.

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