Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Exercise 5 - blending

The teacher is wrong. He advises painting in the pears, then adding the background. But he's wrong. Also, after I'd done some fine blending in shades of green and yellow, I decided that it was all to tame, so I livened it up with some impasto in reads and blues. Then I worked over that with the yellow again.
The background was a flat grey, so I made it purple, to zing against the green, then worked over in a chilly blue to send it all backwards again.
At some point I stopped looking at the pears and just looked at the painting to see if it was all working as a piece, and I think that's when I made leaps. I am very, very happy with this piece.


vivien said...

I agree - absolutely WRONG!!

you need to consider background and subject together and work all over to keep everything in balance and sort out the lost and found edges.

Do what you believe in - it's right!

Unsigned said...
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