Friday, 6 June 2008

Should I bare all?

My sister, Melanie, has asked an interesting question;

"Painting a naked self-portrait - brilliant idea. Posting it on your blog - I'm not so sure. At your next job interview, when the interviewer looks down at the papers he has on you, do you want this to be amongst them? Maybe yes, if your next job interview is for something fabulous and creative and artistic (which it should be!) But maybe no if it's another day-job similar to the one you have now."

When I started Blogging, we had a chat about what to blog about. Mel's approach to Blogging is only to include about stuff you wouldn't mind printed on the front page of your local newspaper, or on a billboard above your corner shop. If you wouldn't want your blog's content shown publicly on that scale, then re-think what you're posting about.

I know what I think, but I'd be interested in other people's reactions. Mel is thick-skinned, so don't think you'd offend if you disagree. I'm glad she's raised the point, because it's always something worth considering.


Gesa said...

It's an interesting one. I'd been thinking of that once in a while. In a part because so much of my academic work is plastered all over the internet. And by now the blog shows up on p1 of a search for me. So, hm. I know I wouldn't post me naked. But that wouldn't stop me from doing the portraits. And possibly also not from discussing the portraits.
I'm not too sure how much considerations for your nearest and dearest come in to this too. My parents don't know, or know only very poorly, English. But nonetheless I am highly conscious about what I write about all my paintings about the place where I grew up.
Just my tuppence.... Have a great holiday!

ilex said...

It's not for everyone, but I don't see why not. If you're comfortable with it, go for it.

I love your early color sketches of the portrait- very Gauguin.

Bill of Ballaugh said...

Please think very carefully about what your sister has to say.

harrybell said...

Only you can decide, but I know I'd be very resistant to the idea of posting a nude portrait of me on the internet. But then it's taken me four years to even post my real name!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Dae it Stephanie - you only live once and if you love yourself (as you should) dae it and who cares what the world thinks!

ilex said...

I've been thinking about this. I think you should listen to your pop and sister. They surely know best, being as close as you all are.

Anonymous said...

Think about it in a different way.

You paint a self-portrait. It's displayed in an exhibition. A famous art collector has to have it and mentions its merits to a friend who's a newspaper art critic. Next thing you know, the nude self-portrait is the paper with the headline "Collector pays £XXXXX for artist's nude self-portrait". (Well, the headline would be more racy, but...)

If the self-portrait is intended to be kept private, then it shouldn't be on the blog. But, if it's going to be exhibited, then there's little difference (aside from scale) between showing it in a gallery and showing it online.

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