Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Moleskine Exchange beginning

A while back I invited a group of artists to join me in an exchange of Moleskine sketch books. We bought one each, and each chose a theme for the book. Then we drew or painted in them and sent them onto the next artist on the list. My subject was Genesis, and here's the start I made in it before I sent it on to Casey in America. I couldn't post the image immediately because I wanted Casey to be the first to see it when the book arrived on his door mat.
When I first thought of the theme I had no idea what I was going to depict, so I started reading the Bible (as you do) for inspiration. It then became clear that, as I was going to be the first person drawing in this book, I was the creator of the book. So I chose to paint myself as the creator, with chaos above, mimicking William Blake's pose in his 'The Ancient of Days'.
I am very excited to see what Casey draws next in my book. Since then I've received Vivien's book themed 'Landscapes', and Gesa's book themed 'Lines', but I can't post images of them yet because Casey hasn't yet received them.


ammmmzzzy said...

passed i passed i passed i passed!!!!!! woooo new i would! how weird is tht! im soproud of the work i put in! role on second year! well deserved too!!!!!
amy xx

Yellow said...

Well done to Amy. And to the rest of the world - Amy has just found out that she passed her Law degree resits.

Chris Bolmeier said...

Love your moleskine exchange, what a wonderful idea, I've never worked on moleskine. That would make me a virgin moleskinner, right? Love your cover.

Yellow said...

Yeah Chris. I find they're not the best for drawing or painting in, but they're a great format for an exchange like this.

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