Thursday, 19 June 2008

Self Portrait Decision

Okay, opinion is split. My 'artist' friends who read this blog either think it's a great idea, and I should go for it, or are envious of my courage in tackling such a revealing project. Thanks guys for your enthusiasm and encouragement.

However, my family, while having no objection to my doing such a portrait though, are wary of my public sharing of such an image. Okay, respectfully noted. I won't be publishing full images on this blog.

But I will get cracking with it, and I'm itching to make a start, now that I'm back from Ibiza.


Yellow said...

Oh, in reply to Stoney's comment on the previous post, I get what you mean. And I'd be happy with that if I was a full-time professional artist. But I'm not - I work in a call centre and take my kids to school, etc. I wish I could say 'to hell with it - this is what I do!' but I'm not quite there yet.

Bill of Ballaugh said...

I like your decision but I do hope that my views didn't sway you too much. Whatever my feelings, I DO NOT want to restrict your artistic expression.

Yellow said...

Don't worry Dad, I'm still going to paint the portrait, I'll just be conservative about what I show of it on the blog.

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