Sunday, 24 June 2007

Now this is drawing from life

My son was sat making a birthday card from his Grandma, so I had a chance to grab some charcoal and sketch him. I knew it was working while I was drawing it (I love that feeling) and I've really captured him. Again, this as a sheet of A2 lining paper.

Can everyone please sit still so that I can draw you. That's why I used to draw my parents a lot, while dad was reading the paper or mum was napping after teatime.

I have also been spending some time in my garage studio, tidying up, collecting oddments of paper and card together. I'm also collecting 'business' envelopes I get through the post, because the insides are printed with amazing geometric designs in blue. I want to use them to cover some handmade notebooks I have in the pipeline.
Another thing I've been doing is looking at other artists Blogs. I've picked up some fascinating techniques, and last night I covered some cheap sugar paper with layers of acrylic, ready for drawing & painting over the top of. It felt like a very 'art student' thing to do.
While I was Sunderland Uni (it was a Polytechnic when I was in my first year, just before Polys were converted to Uni's in the UK) and it was a split site, with the 'academic' site round Wearmouth Hall, and the 'arts' subjects were at Backhouse Park. I was proud that us art students were referred to as 'Fraggles' because of our colourful & raggedy appearance.


Lisa said...

I love this drawing the best of all of them I've seen. You've completely captured this moment and your son. Keep them coming!

Bill of Ballaugh said...

Yeah, I agree with Lisa with this one. This IS TJ. Well done, Steph.

And what's this about "WERE referred to"? What's this past tense business? You still ARE coulourful and raggedy!

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