Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Finished canvas

Last night I looked at the canvas of the two torsos I'd started in May and could see what needed doing. So here's the result.

When I'd finished I looked at it in the mirror and saw that there was some imbalance, but after a cup of tea and a think, I decided to leave it as it was, because if I corrected each side to match, it would become sterile.

I also over-painted the yellow background with a neutral flesh tone, merging into the figures.

It's pretty much what I had in my head, which means this is the first painting I've composed and executed totally. I must sign & date it. I felt like staying up all night, ignoring phone calls, drinking lots off coffee, and starting another three canvases which I now have in my head. But real life demands come first.

Life is good though - I have a friend sitting for me on Thursday for some life drawing, and yesterday I stumbled across a chap at work who is a fellow artist & is eager to get together & share ideas. Life is very good.


Bill of Ballaugh said...

Eureka ! NOW I see it. Wow, wow, wow. Oh, but I love this, Steph; the composition - the imbalance gives tension; the tonal values have warmth and life. This is real. Yes, yes, yes.

Yellow said...

Thank you. I'm happier with the figure on the right than the figure on the left. Seeing it on the blog I'm picking faults with proportion, and I don't the highlight on the left figures back. I love the right hand buttocks though. I re did that area over and again, wiping away paint when it got too thick, and then I got it.
I'm so glad you can see it now.

Lisa said...

This is just inspiring! I guess the time off to percolate was well worth it? Congratulations on a beautiful piece.

Yellow said...

Thank you Lisa. I can look at my paintings now and not feel tense and anxious. Now all I need is a time machine, or one of those things Hermione had so that I can fit more into each day.

Paragon said...

I love it. I'm so glad your juices are flowing again.

If you ever get that thingy Hermione had, could I borrow it when you're finished using it?

Scott Mattlin said...

This is an absolute knockout...
You should be quite pleased with this piece, kid! :-}
Getting and KEEPING those juices flowing is an artform in itself, and (obviously) may lead to unexpectedly wonderful results. Congratulations, my friend. Cheers, Scott

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