Thursday, 14 June 2007

Drawing what's in front of me

As my dad, Bill, suggested I then drew what was in front of me. The socked foot was first, and though it's not a good drawing, I've included it to show how I loosened up as I progressed.

I found my feet fascinating, I've never looked at them so intently before, not that they're that far away from my face, barely five feet. I love the big toe on my left foot, and the way my toes huddle together. The last drawing I did reminds me of Albrecht Durer's study of praying hands.


amy said...

never mind 5 ft lol about 3 foot your a midget chuck hhahaha. nice3 drawings like although your feet look like there a size 10 need to do em much smaller
soz ive had a few like so this is a joke email thing to cheer ya up

Lisa said...

Back to work, yes! I think these are great. The praying hands -- so funny because before she died, Scott's mother had a framed drawing of that very picture in her bedroom -- he had copied it when he was 11 years old :)

Bill of Ballaugh said...

The last drawing is Durer's praying hands. Isn't it? Great to see you back at work.

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